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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to emerge as the foremost specialist engineering solution provider across all aspects of Engineering, Science and Technology Solutions for the Nigerian/African markets.

We are creating partnerships, long term investments, turnkey solutions that guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly resolve challenging technical designs and engineering problems through superior expertise and supreme technology.

We work towards delivering highest possible standards for cost-effective solutions that enriches our customers' sophisticated infrastructure development projects across Africa.

H S E Policy

Crestsol considers work safety and health as keys to success and a vital part of risk management process in all its operations.

Crestsol Management believes that all accidents are preventable through our desire for continuous work process improvement and dedication to Zero-Accident-Thinking.

Our Culture

Our people are our greatest assets and we are guided by key principles of excellence that ensure we deliver maximum value to our clients.

We consider ourselves as trend setters and are intent on constantly raising the bar by ensuring that our clients get an unprecedented level of value-added service delivery that leaves them amazed at every contact point.

Our Services

LightUp Africa Solutions

We provide innovative energy/power and LED lighting products and solutions for powering and lighting up buildings and communities across Africa.

Solar PV Power Solutions

We have partnered with global Solar OEM leaders to develop, engineer and deliver mini off-grid Solar PV power plants for Roads, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Public Buildings, Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, Schools, and Churches, wherever sustainable energy efficiency is of top considerations.
Our experience across the solar value chain reduces risk while delivering more reliable, dependable and cost-effective power solutions for our customers.

Professional LED Light Design Solutions

Professional LED lighting solutions provides bright new world of lighting – we provide free professional DIALUX LED Lighting Designs for projects covering the visualization of lighting design requirements for all our committed clients’ projects.

We deliver custom design, high quality and high value LED lighting products and solutions to projects across Africa for Commercial, Industrial, Public Housing, and Residential LED Lighting requirements.

Energy-Saving LED Lighting Products

Our range of LED lighting products deliver great quality of lighting with resultant high energy-costs-savings and almost ZERO lighting maintenance costs that far surpassed conventional light performance.

We are the preferred partner/supplier of top quality, innovative and outstanding professional LED lighting products with high efficiency up to 90% in energy savings.

Our LED lighting products are available in several types, dimensions and installation applications.

M E P Services

We deliver Simplified Qualitative Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Solutions for building projects across the Real Estate constructions sector in Nigeria/Africa.

Mechanical Engineering

We provide integrated Heating, Ventilation, and Air Cooling Systems.

Electrical Engineering

We provide innovative and broad range of Electrical (Power) Infrastructures and Systems for all building and estate development projects.

PSIF Services

We provide specialized and customized Plumbing, Sanitation and Fire Protection Installation services.

E P C I Services

We deliver superior integrated solutions for infrastructures development and management through Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation services across Nigeria/Africa.

Design and Build

We offer ‘Design & Build’ of high quality, durable and cost effective Power/Energy/Lighting Infrastructures and MEP Solutions for infrastructural development and construction projects across Nigeria/Africa.

Bespoke LED Lighting Solutions

We provide turnkey ‘LED Lighting Customization’ solution with after sales support and maintenance services for all your professional LED lighting requirements.

We are extremely skilled and qualified in all areas of lighting requirements applications and installations.

Our Products

IndoorUnits – Ceiling Luminaries & Panels:
LED ceiling luminaries and panels are popular not only in households or apartments but also in bureaus, offices,
shops, Malls, Hall ways, and other public places.
Our range of LED ceiling luminaries and panels distinguish themselves by the luminescence of their entire
surface, that delivers top quality aesthetics which radiates exceptionally well on Hotels, Residential, Office and
Commercial Buildings.
We offer various types of LED ceiling luminaries and panels such as the Slim LED panels, LED PLGM Grille
Raster luminaries, LED Special Panels that complies with EN6247 photo-biological standard suitable for
Hospitals, Clinics and food production sites.
We also offer LED Ceiling Flush Panels, Plafonds LED Panels; LED Downlights, Spot Lights, LED Track
Lights and Pendant Chandeliers.
We offer all these types of LED lights in several power requirements and dimensional possibilities, adapted for
installation on the following mode - ceiling surface mounted, special strands, directly in suspended ceilings,
Armstrong type ceilings and/or in Recessed mode.

Indoor Units – Desk Lamps:
Good table lamps help improve our reading culture at home as well as improve our work output. Our LED desk
lamps are designed as practical alternative to traditional table lamps that delivers clean white light.
Our LED Desk lamps series are suitable for use in Hotels, Luxurious Apartments, Homes and Offices; our LED
Desk Lamps vary in terms of power and appearance.
There are models with light intensity adjustment option – built-in dimmer, or change of the colour temperature
of the light .
In addition to the lighting properties, LED desk lamps are characterized by an interesting, diverse design as
shown below.

LED Wall Lights:
Our range of LED Wall Light products offer a
combination of high energy efficiency, long service
duration, and exciting design options for indoor
and outdoor applications.
Our LED Wall Light products are available in
Recessed, Surface Mount, and Underground
modes as shown with these samples here:
shown below.

Outdoor Units – LED Floodlights:
Modern LED floodlights are used to illuminate large outdoor and indoor surfaces. They are also a good
selection of lamps, used to illuminate outdoor objects (facades, plants, billboards) as well as large indoor
surfaces such as storage or sports halls. They have successfully replaced the formerly used halogen
floodlights, commonly called “halo-packs”.
Our range of floodlights includes 6 categories:
Professional floodlights based on SMD diodes;
Economy floodlights based on COB diodes;
Floodlights with motion and dusk sensor;
RGB multi-colour floodlights with remote control;
ATEX certified explosion-proof floodlights;
ARENA floodlights dedicated to sports facilities;

Outdoor Units – High Grade Industrial Street Lights:
Good street lighting improves the safety of drivers and pedestrians. The perfectly white light emitted by the
LEDs, unlike the yellow light emitted by the sodium lamps, definitely improves visibility and driving comfort. The
surroundings are seen to be brighter, it is easier to judge the distance from a particular object or person – hence
the driver's or pedestrian's response in an emergency situation can be much quicker.
Our range of Modular Panel LED Street Light serves as perfect replacement for street luminaires with sodium,
mercury, metal-halide lamps or other substandard LED street lights hurriedly developed.
Main benefits of using High Grade Greenie Industrial Street Lighting Solution:
Saves up to 80% cost of electricity tariffs & charges;
Possibility to replace only the light source;
Improved better visibility, security and protection of lives.

Industrial Lightings:

LED industrial lighting improves the intensity and quality of light, and also greatly reduces costs associated with
electricity tariffs and charges, maintenance and replacement of lights. The use of LED lighting also allows you
to meet the limits of the electrical connection – the wattage of the LED lighting equipment is only 20%-30% of
the power of traditional luminaries.
By using our lighting solutions, you can improve the safety and well-being of your employees and significantly
reduce your electricity bills at the same time.
Our range of LED lighting solutions help reduces the cost of lighting energy bills by up to 80%. Our LED lighting
solutions delivers clear white light with very good parameters, free from stroboscopic effect, which causes
fatigue and adversely affects the quality of work of all employees.
Our range of Industrial Lighting Solutions includes the following:

· HighBay HighTECH LED industrial lights;

· HighBay Flat LED industrial lights;

· HighBay Linear LED industrial lights;

· HighBay Professional LED industrial lights;

· HighBay Standard LED industrial lights;

· HighBay Slim LED industrial lights;

· Gasoline LED industrial luminaries;

· Greenie AluCorn LED bulbs;

· Flat Panel industrial directional LED bulbs;

· Parteon LED industrial and park light bulbs.

Solar LED Lighting Solutions:
Our Solar LED Lighting Solution series
provide an innovative modern lighting
solution ideal for use in remote locations as
well as to achieve overall reduced
Operating Cost (OPEX) of running building
facilities by utilizing free sunlight as reliable
energy source.
Our Solar LED lights are built with Grade 'A'
Monocrystalline solar panels that can be set
at any angle, and lithium-phosphate battery
that delivers guaranteed several hours of
operation at full power.
Our Solar LED lights solutions are built with
fast charging time of 4- 10 hours and work
completely autonomously, the built-in
sensors allow efficient use of the stored
Our Solar LED lights delivers 18 – 23 hours
LED lighting operations at 100% power and
a 42h LED lighting operation on energysaving



Power Generation & Energy Storage Systems (Power Banks, Containerized Energy Storage & Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid Power Solutions):

We offer highly innovative energy generation solution consisting of High Capacity Power Bank Systems, Containerized Energy Storage Systems Integrated to a Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid Power Solutions (as illustrated below) to deliver stable, optimized, and reliable power supply to your facilities.

The use of abundant renewable energies means substantial fuel savings in operating expenditures (OPEX) with very little maintenance cost that also helps to drastically reduce CO2 emissions.

Our Power Generation services are offered through Power Rental Services via executes PPA or through an EPC contracts.

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